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This forum provides information relating to the role that a 'dysfunctional' jaw, dental arch anomalies and other consequential body asymmetries play in causing illness from a completely different perspective. It is meant to be your ONE stop to find out how to go about getting proper relief.
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Read how Tom best was transformed from a seriously affected OCD sufferer to a successful businessman and a professional cricket player. The reasons for his school-age problems will surprise you...
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"I attended Dr. Amir's office in December 2002. At the time my history was that I was attending a special boarding school/college for people with learning disabilities. I was also very aggressive and had at that time been suspended from school for throwing a table at the teacher.

I also had many obsessions like I would take stuff belonging to other people as if it was mine. I used to collect footballs, football stickers and endless paraphernalia to do with football much of it was to occupy myself as I could not socialise because I got bullied because of my bad speech which people said was gibberish and it was incomprehensible but at the time I could not do anything about it.

I used to hug friends as a way to say 'bye' although it was very strange. I could not stop myself and people now tell me that it was weird the way I carried on.

I used to get blamed for all sorts of things and used to get bullied a lot.

At my consultation, Dr. Amir noted that I had serious orthodontic and jaw problems and said that my behaviour was largely due to my dental problems. He explained to my mother that my jaw problem did not allow my head to be oxygenated properly and nor did my cerebrospinal fluid flow sufficiently. He suggested corrective measures.

I soon had my first dental appliance. I went to college to resume my education. At the end of the first day my mum got a call from the college to find out if she had bribed me as my behaviour had transformed overnight.

The very first dental appliance I received from Dr. Amir had a huge impact on my wellbeing. In that time that I had been suspended I had been seeing Dr. Amir so when I got back to college I had to do an NVQ in horticulture and I only had 5 weeks to do it but I passed and that sort of thing would have never happened if I had not seen Dr Amir.

Now many years later I am self-sufficient. I have my own web site [url][/url]. I learnt a lot more at an amazing college I went to called Ruskin Mill.

As well as that I am now playing for the England international disability cricket team this is because of hard work and support from friends and my family and Dr. Amir who all helped change my life

Now looking at life from a perspective where I am aware of my faculties and surroundings I note how impossible it was for me to do anything before. My mind just could not function correctly. I was all confused and single minded.

I have been at the other side where life was all doom and gloom but I was not aware of it. I could not read or write. Now I can do both. I am nearly 30 and life could not be better.

Please buy my hand made slippers and rugs from my website. Please note I make these myself.

Tom Best
January 2014

Comment: Tom had very many issues including an autistic spectrum disorder. They all resolved. He is one of the most useful members of society now. 7 years on his star is still on the rise. He runs his own business. He has bought his own house. He plays cricket at a national level. He only phoned me yesterday trying to seek teatment for another autistic spectrum boy. He has carried a bunch of my cards in his pocket for years and gives them out to all kinds of patients.[/color]

His improvement is essentially due to an improvement in cerebellar function which is where autistic orders have been shown to emanate from.
The correct dental appliance immediately corrects cerebellar asymmetry. I speculate that this improves the blood flow through the vertebral artery hence the patient shows immediate improvement.

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