TMJ 'dysfunction' - Health implications

This forum provides information relating to the role that a 'dysfunctional' jaw, dental arch anomalies and other consequential body asymmetries play in causing illness from a completely different perspective. It is meant to be your ONE stop to find out how to go about getting proper relief.
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The following is a list of illnesses covered. We also have links to some important articles which you may want to read:
Please allow a few days to complete this page.

(Many URL's temporarily not woking)
Alopecia areata: Recovery from Alopecia areata
Asthma: What causes asthma?
Ataxia: Ataxia - Is asymmetry of the occiput a major cause?
Atlas correction: The benefits of correcting the Atlas vertebrae
Atrial fibrillation: Night Terrors and Atrial fibrillation
Autism: From oblivion to resurrection
Autism: Autism/Learning difficulties/OCD and behavioural problems
Autism: Linguistic and attention deficit issues and autism
Bowel problems:
IBS/IBD: Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
Crohn's disease: Remarkable recovery from Crohn's disease!
Ulcerative colitis: Recovery from Ulcerative colitis

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Recovery from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Cerebellar issues: Some scientific articles on cerebellar issues

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:Recovery from CFS
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A breakthrough - Depression/Low Energy
Chronic sore throat Chronic sore throats and chest infections
Cold sores: Treating cold sores

Crohn's disease: Remarkable recovery from Crohn's disease
Deafness: Recovery from total deafnes in one ear
Dr Weston Price: Dr. Weston Price's Legacy
Dyslexia (1)
Ear problems (4)

Eating disorders - Bulimia & Anorexia: Bulimia and Anorexia - relationship to TMJD
Eating disorders - Bulimia testimonial: Recovery from Bulimia - Testimonial

Eczema: A patients recovery from Eczema and her heart rending story.

Excessive sleeping (1)
Eye problems (1)
Fibromyalgia:Recovery from Fibromyalgia
Gastric reflux disesase:(GERD)
Gout: My gout story)
Heart disease and its connection to oral symmetry: (3)
Hip asymmetry (2)
Infertility Three testimonials
Learning difficulties Autism/Learning difficulties/OCD and behavioural problems
Mental illness (2)
Migraines: (Headaches and Migraines)
Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (1)

Multiple Sclerosis Discussions of various points
Multiple Sclerosis: Successful treatments
Multiple Sclerosis: [url= Anti Nuclear Antibody (ANA) test confirms Jaw problem[/url]

Myoclonus - palatal: Palatal myoclonus[/color]
Myofascial pain syndrome:

Neck pain: Chronic neck and back pain
Neck pain: Neck Spasms, lower back pain and infertility

Night terrors and atrial fibrillation: Night Terrors and Atrial fibrillation

No Cure Syndrome (NCS) (2)
Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (1)
Oral hygiene (
Other illnesses/problems (5)
Pain (4)
Parkinson's disease:Dental treatment to address Parkinsons symptoms
Patient questions answered Patient questions answered
Polymyalgia Rheumatica:Recovery from Polymyalgia Rheumatica
Psychiatric illness (3)
Raynaud's disease Raynaud;s disease explained
References (1)

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Rheumatoid arthritis explained
Rheumatoid Arthritis: The effect of steroids)

Shoulder pains: Shoulder pains causd by jaw deviations.
Sinusitis (1)
Sjogren's diseaseer
Skin problems Skin problems
Sleep Apnoea:Sleep apnoea explained
Social Anxiety Disorder (1)
Stammering;Recovery from an extreme case of stammering

Trigeminal neuralgia:Trigeminal Neuralgia explained.

Ulcerative colitis: Recovery from ulcerative colitis

Visual Snow: Visual Snow recoveries - Turning a hypothesis into a thesis

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