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This forum provides information relating to the role that a 'dysfunctional' jaw, dental arch anomalies and other consequential body asymmetries play in causing illness from a completely different perspective. It is meant to be your ONE stop to find out how to go about getting proper relief.
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Statement of purpose - A small background history
“Throughout my years at University and postgraduate studies, I have worked as a diligent dentist both at University and in general NHS and private practice. I treated thousands of patients to the best of my ability ensuring that my work had a semblance of permanence in patients mouths. One letter recently posted on the internet by a patient says:

“Our journey started many years ago. I was 11 years old when I visited Dr Amir’s surgery as an emergency patient suffering the most horrendous toothache. The receptionist told me that I needed my parent’s permission to be seen by Dr Amir. This was a challenge as I had to virtually drag my mother (an alcoholic – who later died from the disease) from a pub in Wandsworth to the surgery to sign the consent forms.

I was from a broken home – a completely dysfunctional single parent family. After the consultation and X-rays, Dr Amir explained everything, then performed a two and a half hour surgery that afternoon to remove an embedded canine tooth that was lying across my upper front incisors. There was a gaping hole big enough for him to put his finger right through my upper jaw and wiggle it on the other side. The canine had been touching the nerves of my front teeth which had become devitalised. Dr. Amir had to root fill and fix post crowns on these teeth.

If I had not undergone such careful surgery, there is no doubt that I would have had to wear false teeth from age 11. Thereafter, Dr Amir took great care of me. I still have those same caps on my front teeth today – aged 52. Quite simply remarkable, and a testimony to his phenomenal dentistry not only on me but every other patient he treated with their fillings, root fillings and crowns lasting some 40 years now and still going strong.”

Working to great precision on thousands of patients, where I also did my own lab work for some 20 years, gave me great insight, accuracy, speed and dexterity.

One issue I had was the provision of orthodontics to many of my young patients. I engaged the services of a University professor to undertake this work on Saturdays, and also to teach me the subject. I became very proficient in removable and fixed appliances.

To make a long story short the orthodontist was mainly an extraction man whereby almost all children lost 2 or 4 teeth and the rest were dragged together with no attention to dental or jaw midlines and the wholesale destruction of proper growth. I became increasingly uncomfortable as the results looked ghastly.

He used to write up the treatment plan which was submitted for approval by the HHS before we could start treatment. I soon discovered that I could treat many of the patients without the prescribed extractions. I fired the orthodontist telling him that if what he practiced was orthodontics I did not want to know.

Then I noticed many other patients who had orthodontics elsewhere and they looked equally ghastly. I started reversing some of their orthodontics because I was a perfectionist working to a hundredth of a mm in making crowns and bridges and here were patients who had been disfigured and mauled by a full centimetre.

The lateral cephalogram of a patient below which I completed some 25 years ago was the result of some heroic UNCONVENTIONAL treatment which gave both the patient and me great satisfaction.
LISA LATERAL CEPH.png [ 68.41 KiB | Viewed 2216 times ]

The future for our patients and dentists

As you read the information in this forum you will notice that the altruistic model of medicine has long disappeard. Dental and medical education, by design or deceit, has been organised in a way that perpetuates illness rather than alleviate pain and suffering. The purpose of this forum is that we gather together a worldwide team of practitioners who will provide the correct treatment and jointly defend each other to practice some real healing in this world as expressed in many areas of this forum. We need a radical change and a departure from established norms. This will invite controversy but the evidence from recovered patients will outshine any adversity from authority.

Our aims are to achieve and really fulfil our patients needs rather than keep sending them on a merry-go-round getting absolutely nowhere. To achieve these goals the requirements will be, not only the provision of good high quality basic dentistry but also, how the perfection and symmetry in and around the mouth brings about skeletal and body symmetry - a key component for the correct functioning of our digestive, respiratory, muscular, cardo-vascular, neurological and many other systems in our bodies. The real answers to health problems reside in and around the mouth. We need to become aware of this.

A minute change in the mouth in the order of less than a millimeter can make the hips go out of level by 5 centimeters. You suddenly realise what a great responsibility lies on your shoulders. You either soldier on as you have done or step in and do your patients a great deal of good by your oral interventions. Your governing bodies may be totally unaware of it but your responsibility is to the patient, to provide them with the correct non-damaging treatment. Our evidence must be watertight to counter any objections, and a worldwide backing from each other, will counter the ruthless objections of some governing bodies.

For some practitioners it will be an easy task for others it will be a steep learning curve.
Please bear with us to continually improve this forum on a daily basis. There are many acclaimed dentists already practicing along the lines presented here. We shall be grateful to have case studies to publish on this forum which will help increase your exposure to long suffering public at thehands of big pharma.

I have worked on this idea for a long time. It needs a great deal of time and expense and any contributions will be greatly appreciated. To help us along please send funds to my paypal account at A window comes up after about 10 seconds to enable you to do that. Thank you for reading and contributing. This forum would not be possible without the public's help.

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