TMJ 'dysfunction' - Health implications

Within this forum, you will discover valuable insights on how a 'dysfunctional' jaw, dental arch anomalies, and various body asymmetries can contribute to illness from a unique perspective. This is your go-to resource for finding effective solutions and achieving lasting relief.
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- Jaw asymmetry or a medical problem - you decide.

Classical hijacking of symptoms emanating from the jaw joint (TMD):

I quote from a respected source:

"Pain and dysfunction related to the jaw joints (TMD) was first postulated as a condition by Costen in 1934, who described a list of symptoms forming the syndrome that bears his name; he was the first person to link jaw joint pain with the dental occlusion. Costen described a complex list of symptoms which are no longer accepted as part of TMD (including tinnitus and headache) but are related to other diagnoses."

"Complex list of symptoms (including tinnitus and headaches) which are no longer accepted as part of TMD".

This statement essentially means that these symptoms and many more described by Costen have been taken out of the realm of dentistry and handed over to the medical profession through some astonishing wizardry or contrivance to throw patients off track and into a realm of a drug culture. This article will show you that this step has had serious repercussions on patient welfare because dental causation has been turned over to medical personnel who have absolutely no chance of bringing relief to such patients.

I quote here some feedback testimonials from several patients who presented with Jaw asymmetry issues. Correcting these had a positive effect on their symptoms, including headaches, migraines and tinnitus.

1. Recovery from migraines, headaches, and tinnitus
"I had always suffered from headaches, earaches and a general feeling of being run down since my early teens. These headaches got progressively worse until at 27 years old I developed what I referred to as “face pain” along with a constant “crunching” noise in my ear. These attacks of face pain, migraines, headaches, and earaches got progressively worse throughout that year to the point where I was really struggling to make it through a day at work and had to go to bed as soon as I got home. Due to the location of the pain, I was misdiagnosed dozens of times by my GP as having sinusitis and was given antibiotics and strong painkillers and eventually even had sinus surgery to combat the pain.

One day my mum read an article in the Evening Standard about Dr Amir and about jaw problems and said to me these sound like your symptoms! I went to Dr Amir in 2010 at age 30, and he immediately knew what was wrong and without telling him he worked out that I had gaps in my teeth closed by a brace as a child which had caused misalignment. We spent the next few years reopening those gaps with fixed and non-fixed braces, and my symptoms halved within the first 3 months. By the end of that first year, I was 70% improved including the tinnitus and migraines. It has improved my life so much, I was struggling to work, going straight to bed when I came home. I now also have great-looking teeth as the newly reopened gaps were filled with implants which Dr Amir put in himself.

I do occasionally get a migraine or headache, but nothing like the amount I did before and when I do, I schedule an appointment to see Dr Amir, and he adjusts the appliance that I wear when I need it and I always see an improvement. Last year I had 2 migraines! And most days, no tinnitus. Before coming to Dr Amir, I had around 20 migraines per month!

Also, after 2 years of treatment, my Mum asked me one day how “the ear noise” (tinnitus) was, and I realised for the first time in 5 years all I could hear was silence. I cannot express how grateful I am for Dr Amir and the progress I have made. Mine is a long and complicated case, but instead of feeling hopeless and like I will never have a “normal” life, I feel certain that I will be 100% better soon. ...........D. Levy, London"

2. Recovery from constant headaches (and knee pain)
......... "My constant headaches have also disappeared, and I'm sleeping much better at night and waking up refreshed and with a clear head. Finally, I also had a knee pain which I started feeling 4 months ago, which is also gone!

I would like to take the opportunity to show my appreciation, and deeply thank you for having suggested this treatment for me. It has really had a tremendously positive effect and I not only feel much better physically, but I also feel my piano playing has been improving drastically since! Many thanks!"
M Zahra, (Renowned Maltese Pianist) July 2008

3. Recovery from extreme Dizziness, Head-over-the-hammer Headaches, Tinnitus
"Thank you for your time and care with my jaw problems. Your unique orthodontic approaches have given me my life back. My problems began when all four of my wisdom teeth were mistakenly removed in St. Thomas’s Hospital, London.

My health deteriorated rapidly, starting with a frozen shoulder and progressing to extreme dizziness, head-over-the-hammer headaches, tinnitus, numbness in my limbs and tiredness. At first, I didn’t put the two things together, and I thought maybe I had a brain tumour, the symptoms seemed to match. After a brain scan, I was told everything was fine. I remember feeling really upset that I still didn’t know what was wrong with me.

A dentist told me that I might have TMD, I was referred to the Eastman Dental Hospital and had a splint made for my lower teeth. I wore the appliance at night and at first, it did help my headaches. My dizziness was still terrible, so I researched TMD and then embarked on a very costly (in terms of health, time and money) treatment plan with private dentists.

They all did the same thing - they made me splints of varying descriptions. I was so determined to get better that I went along with their advice and treatments. They were ‘top’ Harley Street dentists, but I continued to deteriorate. I also spent a fortune on Osteopathy and became reliant on it. These treatments covered 10 or so years. Then one night I woke up to find the room spinning. I could barely move, sit or lie down. This continued for months.

After seeing your article in the Evening Standard newspaper, I decided to give it one last try. Thank god I did. When I started my treatment with you, I could not even touch my teeth together. My splint wearing had caused my teeth to retreat into my gums. You really listened to my story and realised the complexity of my situation. For months, I had to have my treatment from you while I was standing up. You adjusted the treatment according to my needs, and gradually I began to recover.

The orthodontic work done by you has been spectacular. My dizziness is now totally under control. My teeth and jaws work and I feel so much better. Towards the end of treatment, I also became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful, healthy boy. Without your care, this would not have been possible."
Thank you, Mr. Amir and the team............M. Gorman......Jan 2014

4. Dental appliance for migraines
"I started getting migraines in my late twenties. I'd get them every few months or so, and they were manageable, but as the years progressed, they were getting worse to the point where I was getting them around once a week. It was such a nightmare as I had to carry on working through them, and I'd be in pain for around 48 hours.

Then, while sitting on the tube, I picked up the Evening Standard and saw an article written by Bella Freud about how a dental appliance had cured her migraines. She had visited Dr Amir at his dental surgery in Putney, and he had explained to her that moving her teeth to a more symmetrical position would help her because if the jaw is out of alignment with the skull, the body misaligns to compensate, which can create all kinds of medical problems, including migraines. This made perfect sense to me, and I arranged to see him. It was the best decision I made regarding my migraines.

My treatment is still ongoing, but I hardly get migraines. It was a life-changing decision for me to go and visit him - I can't believe I used to get migraines every week!"
post by N. L. Thu Apr 11, 2013 2:05 pm

5. Letter to a newspaper by my patients' mother

"Dear Editor,
I am writing to ask you to kindly pass the following information on to J. H. who wrote for your Experience piece in the magazine. My daughter experienced crippling headaches for 10 years - they were not constant as Jane's are, but they were on a scale of 1 -10 - regularly 8 and usually every day. She went to ENT, Neurology had acupuncture and osteopathy - nothing was found untoward and nothing helped - Until our osteopath saw an article by a dentist in London about jaw misalignment.

We visited Dr Amir, and he treated her with braces..........within 3 months she was free of headaches. She continued treatment for 4 years to complete the realignment of her jaw, but the important thing is that the daily headaches did not return. She does very occasionally have a headache, but it is in the normal range and goes within the day."

6. Rapid recovery from numerous symptoms, including extreme dizziness

"Dear Dr Amir,
Thank you so much for all you did yesterday within a few minutes of arriving at your office. I feel so much better today. I thought I would e-mail what I can remember of the symptoms leading up to 12th August 2017 and then how I feel since my appointment with you 10 days later.

I watched a film on TV and my head was turned to the left for about 2 hours. When I woke the next morning, my neck was stiff and painful on the left side. I presumed this was from watching the film at first, but the pain spread rapidly and surrounded my ear, jaw, collarbone, shoulder blade, lower back and calf, all down the left side of my body.

Then during the early hours of 12/8/17, I awoke to experience the room spinning, although this only lasted for 10–15 seconds, it felt like an eternity. This continued to happen whenever I laid down or turned over. It also occurred on bending my head over or down. On getting up from a sitting position, I felt very unsteady and extremely nauseous with a headache that seemed to encompass my whole head with shooting pains like electric shocks.

This continued along with the pain and discomfort all down my left side over the next 10 days.
I felt so ill, I avoided laying down by propping myself up on several pillows, preventing me from turning in bed. The few times I managed to sleep, I woke up with severe pains in my neck and severe headaches. During the day I had to only sit around because I felt very unsteady and very ill. I did everything I could to avoid any movement that would cause the spinning. I call it spinning because it is far worse than dizziness.

I contacted you, but you were away. The doctor said I had some crystals in the ear organ and that is why I was dizzy. On the /17, some 10 days after my symptoms started, my appointment could not have come sooner.
The journey up was awful, I felt 'drunk' but with the feeling of a terrible hangover all mixed into one. My walking reflected how I felt, too. Luckily, my husband took the day off to drive me up as I could not possibly manage the train journey and certainly not on my own. He dropped me at your surgery door and planned to pick me up at the door, after my appointment.

You kindly checked and decided on a certain appliance, which you adjusted appropriately and fitted in my mouth. This immediately and miraculously started improving my condition. After leaving your surgery, I found myself walking for the five to ten minutes to the car on my own. This I would not have been able to do previously. I felt steady on my feet instead of staggering. My husband was shocked when he saw me walking on my own up to the car. I got into the car and we began our journey home. I felt a little nauseous at first, but nowhere near as bad as when I arrived at your surgery. My neck felt less stiff and was easier to move. The pains I described earlier started to disappear.

After about an hour into our journey, I realised I was sitting with both feet on the floor. I cannot normally sit anywhere without crossing my legs. I did not feel nauseous, and my headache had gone. As I looked out of the car, everything seemed clearer and less blurred. When we arrived home, I did feel tired, but that is normal after a long journey. I was very nervous about going to bed and laying down. When I slowly lowered myself into bed, the room initially swayed briefly, after which I managed to sleep very deeply, having been so tired from the previous 10 days of hell. I even turned over and there was NO spinning. I woke up this morning with NO headache or any nausea.

I have a small area on my neck that is a little uncomfortable, but I am feeling so much better. Thank you so much for your ingenuity! I look forward to seeing you on Saturday for the review appointment."
Mrs WT, Wednesday, August 23. 2017

7. Recovery from Dizziness instantly
"Dear Dr Amir,
I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much.

The dizziness, which as you know is horrible, has gone due to your care and expertise and I can lay on my right side again for the first time in almost two weeks
I am truly grateful to you, many, many thanks."
Revd. Jan F" Fri, 21 Mar 2014

8. Daily dizziness and headaches
"Hello, I am 27 years old. I have been suffering for two and a half years from massive pressure pain all over my face, jaw, and neck, pain behind my eyes, burning sensation in my nostrils, dizziness, headaches every day, panic attacks, abdominal pain, back pain, pain in my shoulders.

I have been visiting NHS maxillofacial surgeons for 2.5 years and none of them could help me or give me the correct treatment even after they confirmed it was TMJ dysfunction. The first thing they did was to give me a hard splint to wear. After one year of pain and no positive results from the splint, they washed my jaw joints surgically! That did not work either.

Moreover, they got me to remove my wisdom teeth. I did that, but it did not help at all. My pain got worse and out of control and at the end they gave me many kinds of painkillers and antidepressants and said if that won't help, they did not have any more treatment for me. I was unable to work for two and a half years and I could hardly take care of my 4 years old son as a single mom. I was struggling to look after my son. I could not work because of the intense pain. I could not get any income.

Since I first felt the pains 2 and a half years ago, they got worse and worse. Finally, we found Dr Amir, Dental Surgeon and I had my first visit in the middle of November 2018. Since first visit and now which is the middle of February 2019, after Dr Amir started work on my jaws, I can feel a massive difference. I feel so much better, and I have now resumed work. Some of those symptoms have gone completely, while some I can still feel, but not as bad as before. Treatment is still in progress. Rating my pain 10/10 before treatment, and now I could say pain is 5/10. On a good day, it is 2-3/10. I am glad that I found Dr Amir. Can't wait how I will feel in a few more months. THANK YOU, DR AMIR, for everything you did and for everything you will do!
"Neringa Dobrovolskaite, February 2019

9. CFS related headaches, dizziness
"I have recently recovered from a devastating illness through very unconventional means using dental appliances.........

Throughout my early twenties, I suffered from various unexplained symptoms, all of which became acute last February when I was 27. From that time onwards my body started to go downhill. I began to experience recurrent ear infections, vertigo, and pain in my jaw. My eyes would regularly become blurry. I had my eyes checked by an optician, who said that my vision was fine but could not explain the blurriness any further. I started getting more tired and started to lose my vision in my right eye.

Terrible pains travelled from my right ear down the right side of my jaw and under my tongue.
This would alternate from pain to numbness and loss of feeling in this area. The symptoms in my head and neck got worse, and my body became subject to profound fatigue, which concentrated more on the right than on the left side of my body. I would experience unusual tingling sensations in my fingertips and in my legs, all of which debilitated me to an extent that I could barely hold a glass up to drink or hold a pen to write........

I developed severe stabbing headaches and noticed that my short-term memory was disappearing.
I was confused a lot of the time and unable to carry out simple daily tasks and understand simple concepts. I was unable to hold conversations and often stumbled or stammered over my own words. I could see my brain beginning to give up. As a Scientist in Clinical Cancer Research, I had a demanding job which required a great deal of concentration due to the complexity of my work.

The final visit to my GP in July 2005 was the culmination of my frustration. I explained to my GP, based in Wimbledon, that I was progressively getting worse to the point where my husband had to feed me; my fatigue was totally debilitating, and I found myself gasping for air. I felt like I was choking. I felt as if I was being strangled and could pass out at any minute.

To my surprise, my GP raised his hands and, using a very unprofessional tone, accused me of being hysterical. I was blamed for making up my symptoms for attention. However, he contradicted himself by telling me I was stressed and that I was suffering from “post-viral symptoms due to an ear infection and may end up in a wheelchair”, all of which I was “going to have to accept”. I was then ceremonially asked to leave his surgery, in my distraught state. I cried no end. How could he call himself a caring doctor!

With nowhere to turn, I enquired around a great deal and thankfully came across the help of Mr Amir. During my examination he palpated various areas around my jaws, head and neck, and described many of my symptoms to me before I was able to explain and elaborate on them to him! On going through the extensive questionnaire that I had to fill out for him, he explained how each symptom was precipitated anatomically and neurologically, starting from my jaws. He explained that my mandibular joint caused a misalignment in my craniofacial symmetry, and how this led to compensatory deleterious effects on the rest of my body. He showed me how it was affecting my breathing, my sleep, my muscle tone, my digestion, my ears, my eyes, how it contributed to my hair loss and my immune system and many other ramifications throughout my body, including trapping some major nerves in my neck and lower back.

He had a far better instant understanding of this illness than all the other clinicians I had seen put together.

I did not need any more convincing, and I immediately embarked on his treatment. To make a long story short, a myriad of unbelievably simple dental devices which he constructed specifically to correct my asymmetries started correcting my misalignment and the 20 to 30 symptoms I was experiencing started abating almost instantaneously.

Unlike the abuse I suffered at the hands of the medical profession, he explained that I was very fragile and needed careful adjustments to the appliances that he provided. I had to visit each week, and if I did not feel well I could see him on demand, which is what he preferred, as he said that the healing process must not be interrupted by any irregularity of the appliance or to make good the further demands on my healing body.

Over the months, I have improved remarkably, and all my symptoms have now virtually disappeared. My Medical Consultant in the hospital where I work was astounded and wrote to Mr Amir.

Nine months into my treatment, I am on the road to a definitive recovery with a method with its very subtle intricacies pioneered, figured out and perfected by Mr Amir, and almost certainly ignored by most in a position to bring about healing in the patients. He has been providing this treatment for some 20 years. How many patients have become bedridden during this time? None of the medication I was prescribed had any bearing on my condition. Being in the medical field, I can now categorically say so.

Without this treatment, I would have been paralysed and bedridden. I could see it coming."
U. Bailley-Lane March 2007 Published in Positive Health Magazine

10. Severe Headaches

I first met Dr Amir when a friend sent me Bella Freud's newspaper article about how he had helped her cure her migraines. I had been suffering severely with headaches for two years and felt deeply depressed about my future as the NHS had been spectacularly unsuccessful in finding any cause or relief for these headaches, which were incredibly debilitating.

I was quite nervous about committing to a two-year treatment which was expensive for us, having no real idea about whether it would work or not, but Dr Amir was so confident he could help, I decided to try it. it took a while, longer than he first predicted, but after four or five months he had cured me.

He said from the beginning that I wasn't a very difficult case because he is treating so many people who have far, far worse problems than I was experiencing. I have met such a wide range of patients with various problems in the waiting room, and it is extraordinary that a simple adjustment of the position of the jaw can have such a dramatic effect on the function of the whole body. I am a witness to the efficacy of Dr Amir's programme and have recommended him countless times to friends and acquaintances with chronic problems.

It is no exaggeration to say that I am awed by the way his treatment can help people with very severe health problems, without subjecting them to any drugs - so many of which have dreadful side effects, and the workings of which are often not properly understood even by the medical profession.

Most recently I suffered from several weeks of very unpleasant bloating and nausea, feeling ill all day and worse after eating. After tests to see whether I had a tumour or an ulcer, I went back to Dr Amir, who said that my jaw was improper again and that I wasn't breathing properly. He made me a new brace within an hour and told me he hoped I would be feeling better that very same evening. I couldn't really believe it when this proved to be true.

A week later, my digestion is not quite back to normal, but the improvement is dramatic, and I could not be more grateful to Dr Amir. It is a tragedy that the orthodox dental community does not recognise the importance of the work he is doing, and that they are not queueing up outside his surgery to learn from him. I consider myself beyond fortunate to have come across him and his work.
Henrietta Parsons ... February 2019

11. Unstoppable migraines

I have suffered from migraines for as long as I can remember.
For the most part, they were mainly hormonal or came during times of extreme stress. They were not life-affecting initially; I had literally half a dozen a year at most. However, by my mid-thirties, they were increasing in frequency and by my fortieth year became chronic. Horrendous pain in my neck and shoulders was causing almost daily migraines.

Over the next few years, five neurologists diagnosed 'Chronic Daily Migraine' but could do nothing to help.
They prescribed mainly prophylactic medications which generally made me feel worse and did not affect the migraines. I saw chiropractors, physiotherapists and Orthopaedic Consultants among others, but to no avail, there was no end to the pain.

I continued to work for 2 and a half years, spending most weekends and often Fridays too in bed, and then I resigned, it wasn’t fair on my employers either as I was only partially there, normally doped up on painkillers.

A few years later, I came across Dr Amir. I went for a consultation, expecting another dead-end. However, he told me that my jaw was badly misaligned due to five molars that were removed when I was about 12 years old that shouldn’t have been removed. He said that when the jaw/skull is misaligned, the body misaligns to compensate, causing numerous symptoms including my migraines, neck and shoulder pain. This all made sense as I remembered having the teeth extracted and then a brace to close the spaces, I even had photographs showing the gaps in my mouth.

Most importantly, he said he would be able to help by re-aligning my jaw by putting those teeth back in, in the form of implants.
I was slightly sceptical at first but went along with it. Within a few weeks of wearing braces, my migraines had gone and now three and a half years later, I can quite literally go for months without having a migraine and when I do, it generally doesn’t come from my neck and shoulders. Visiting Dr Amir’s surgery over the last few years, I have met many other patients with similar stories to mine and I have also been amazed at the length’s Dr Amir will go to help his patients. I am eternally grateful to Dr Amir for my migraine-free life.
Pamela Hunnisett, February 2019

12. Daily migraines, Locked jaw - Inability to open mouth
My problems started when I was 16. I was still in secondary school about to start my GCSE’s when one morning, out of the blue, with having had no prior symptoms, my jaw popped improperly on the right-hand side. It popped out and went straight back in again but since that day I never felt quite the same. It wasn’t long after this day that things began to get much worse for me. My jaw began popping out of place regularly and then also began getting ‘stuck’ shut, so I physically couldn’t open my mouth If I tried to open my mouth it would cause me excruciating pain. I would have to pull my jaw back into place when this happened, which was also incredibly painful.

The pain was everywhere. It wasn’t just in my jaw, but in my head, neck, back, and eyes.
I had almost daily migraines where the pain would cause me to be sick. Some days the pain in my neck would be so bad that I simply couldn’t hold my head up and would spend the day bedridden. I was just 16 years old. This affected every single part of my life. I couldn’t eat, smile, laugh, go out with friends, work or study. My life was effectively over.

During this time, my family and I did all the research we could, I was told that I had TMJ dysfunction. We spent hours trawling over all the available information online about it and consulting all the ‘specialists’ we could try and fix it.

The first place we tried was our local dentist. He made me a ‘splint’ to wear in my mouth to stop my teeth touching. This, he said, would help. It did not. It made things ten times worse, which I didn’t even think was possible. It caused the other side of my jaw to start popping out as well. My pain and suffering continued for years and years on end. We went to see every single specialist under the sun. I saw doctors, consultants, physiotherapists, osteopaths, cranial osteopaths, dentists, maxillofacial surgeons, orthodontists. I had many different types of other treatments to try and help, including acupuncture, reflexology, Reiki etc. NOTHING helped. My pain continued to get worse, my life was total misery.

Of all the specialists I saw, it was one Harley Street consultant’s comments that will always stick with me. He charged me £350 to tell me that I was anxious and therefore clenching my teeth and I simply needed to stop doing that, and it would all go away. He asked me to repeatedly say the letter ‘N’ to stop myself clenching my teeth. Whilst saying this letter does stop clenching, this was not my problem and obviously did absolutely nothing to help. I felt like I might as well die. Nothing and nobody could help me. If that’s all the best specialists had to say about it, then there was no point in carrying on.

Osteopaths and physiotherapists tried all the massage and manipulations on earth to try and fix me. Nothing worked whatsoever. I had months and months of treatment with both. Maxillofacial surgeons told me that I could try keyhole surgery, but I would need to have my jaw wired shut for 6 weeks afterwards and that the success rate for this kind of surgery is 20% with 80% of people relapsing within 10 years. I didn’t feel like this was an option for me, with the risk that it would probably fail and make me worse.

I saw many different dentists and gave up with them in the end because all they wanted to do was pull my teeth out, and I really didn’t want to go down that road and end up with no teeth, not to mention the pain and suffering I would have to go through to endure the treatment itself.

I ended up flying halfway around the world to Colorado to have revolutionary treatment with an NCR doctor. NCR is neurocranial restructuring, I won't even begin to explain how it works as it's too complicated. I flew back and forth from America, probably 5 times in total for this treatment, which gave me a small amount of relief. This obviously was not cheap and soon there simply wasn’t the option to fly out there again as my parents couldn’t afford it.

Time went by, and I continued to look for an NCR doctor in England and eventually found an American Dr who was over in the UK and offering treatments, his name was Dr Howell. This is when I got introduced to Dr Amir.

Dr Amir and I briefly spoke about my problem. He took one look at me and told me I had a jaw problem. Nobody had ever done that before. He just seemed to know what was wrong, he listed out ten or more of my symptoms without me having to tell him a thing. He gave me a brief consultation for free in his waiting room and said if I wanted his help I could return at any time. I didn’t know what to say or do. I’d had many professionals tell me that they could help and absolutely nothing any of them had done had worked, so I was sceptical. I told him that I would complete my treatment with Dr Howell and then give it a try.

As soon as my treatment finished, I contacted Dr Amir and saw him the following week. Dr. Amir was lovely and as gently as he could, took some impressions of my teeth, made me a special brace as per my personal discrepancy, the same day and gave me instructions on how to use the brace. I was to wear the brace 24/7 apart from eating. He showed me how to swallow correctly whilst wearing the appliance. The difference that this brace made was unbelievable.

Within a matter of weeks, I noticed a huge difference. The first few days the brace made my teeth sore, and I couldn’t do an awful lot, but as the days went by, and I got used to wearing the brace, the difference was spectacular. I could stand and walk again, holding my head up without being in pain. I could open my mouth wider than I had done in years, I could eat normal food that hadn’t been mushed up or blended, and I could smile without pain.

I used to go to bed every night in a state of panic because my jaw would often come out of place at night or get stuck, and I would wake up unable to open my mouth or in excruciating pain. Since the first night of wearing the brace, that never happened again. I first went to see Dr Amir in July, by September and for the first time in years, I went out for dinner for my birthday. This may seem like something insignificant, but to me, it was absolutely everything. Eating had become such a horrible, painful experience for me for so many years that to be well enough to go out for dinner and enjoy myself around food was just astonishing.

Ten years have passed since that time, and the girl who thought her life was over at 16 is now married with two beautiful children, happy and healthy, and able to do all the things I wanted to in life. I still get the odd bit of jaw ache, but I am 95% better. I can eat mostly what I like, sleep normally, do normal daily activities, exercise, work, look after my family, and live a normal life. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr Amir to anybody. If you’ve tried everything and nothing worked, Dr Amir will fix you.
Emma Hurst............February 2019

13. Tinnitus, Hyperacusis, regular migraines, insomnia (sleep apnoea)

I’m so impressed with the care Dr Amir is providing. He is so much more than a typical dentist. I’m 3 months into my treatment, and I’ve already seen major improvements in several areas that were massively affecting the quality of my life. I have a series of conditions including TMD, Tinnitus, Hyperacusis, regular migraines, insomnia (sleep apnoea), chronic neck pain, chronic upper back pain, lower back pain, chronic knee pain, hip pain, and stabilisation surgery after a dislocated shoulder. I have spent over 15k on various medical professionals, including specialist consultant doctors, physiotherapists and other dentists. All my conditions were being treated separately. I’ve had an awful time. Then I met Dr Amir. What a relief!!!

Even though I’m only 3 months into my treatment, my jaw is in a better position, as a result, I have seen dramatic improvements in all symptoms. Most importantly, my sleep and Tinnitus. I’m now sleeping on average 7 hours a night, and that’s been happening for the last 2 months. The Tinnitus is far more manageable, improving up to 50%
John Armstrong........... July 2020 Google reviews.

Wikipedia has the following to say about migraines:
"The underlying mechanisms for migraines are not fully known. They are, however, believed to involve the nerves and blood vessels of the brain.

Comment: This is the story about most illnesses - they never know the exact cause and are always confused by the nature of the illness. It is very understandable that the medical profession is thoroughly confused because they have absolutely NOTHING to do with such patients. 'Confusion' has this uncanny ability to be very profitable. One can put this 'confusion' into good use by putting patients through thousands of dollars’ worth of useless tests, making huge profits for the medico-industrial complex."

Continuing from Wikipedia:
"Initial recommended treatment is with simple pain medications and paracetamol (acetaminophen) for the headache, medication for nausea, and the avoidance of triggers. Specific medications such as triptans or ergotamines may be used in those for whom simple pain medications are not effective. Caffeine may be added to the above. A number of medications are useful to prevent attacks including metoprolol valproate, and topiramate."

Comment: All the testimonials above say that no medication ever worked for any patient!

Continuing from Wikipedia:
Globally, approximately 15% of people are affected by migraines." That is almost 1 billion people! The average drug cost using the cheapest drugs is probably £20.00 per month, which amounts to perhaps an annual income of £240 billions, just for the drugs alone!

Despite all these medications, no patient has EVER recovered through medication.
Some get symptomatic relief, others have to give up because of the adverse drug effects.

One patient writes "Over the next few years, five neurologists diagnosed 'Chronic Daily Migraine' but could do nothing to help. They prescribed mainly prophylactic medications, which generally made me feel worse and did not affect the migraines."

These are the specialists to whom the migraine symptoms were handed over to by the interests in charge of dividing illness into dental and medical problems!

Please also remember that Migraines are usually only one of the many symptoms such patients suffer from. From the testimonies provided above and years of experience treating such patients, it is obvious that a grave injustice has been perpetrated upon society and there are collaborators and shills who continue to deprive patients of proper advice and treatment.

I helped my first headache patient just after I graduated in 1983. She is a senior manager at the HBC in the City of London now. She was in and out of hospital for some 6 weeks about her unremitting headaches but recovered in one weekend through some simple dental corrections.

She has just posted this on Trustpilot:
"............ I have been a patient since 1983. I was rushed to Accident and Emergency with severe headaches at the age of 23 where I spent weeks in hospital, having tests and on a significant amount of medication. I had permanent headaches, no energy, and felt permanently unwell.

I would wake in the morning with my jaw locked. I would spend Monday to Friday in hospital and home at the weekend. One weekend, after being in the hospital for 6 weeks, I had a toothache and my sister suggested I go and see Dr. Amir. Within 30 minutes of meeting him, he discovered the reasons for my headaches.

My fillings had been replaced by a previous dentist, under a general anaesthetic and my jaw had become out of sync. Dr. Amir, over the next few weeks, replaced my fillings and made a special brace for me to wear. Within days of meeting him, I started to feel better.

Over the last 38 years, he has been a fantastic dentist to my husband and two children. We all have so much confidence in him and his ability to solve any dental problems. He cares with a passion about his patients and will always see us at short notice, out of surgery hours when needed. The thought of not having Dr. Amir to help us when we need him fills us with dread."

When I started working as a dentist, I was shocked to find out that dentists were employing the services of an anaesthetist and digging trenches from the beginning of the first premolar to the distal end of the last molar in all four quadrants and filling them up while the patient was under the general anaesthetic. There was no question of putting any lining, and the patients would have extremely sensitive teeth. I came across many such patients. Checking proper alignment of the teeth and jaws was not possible with a general anaesthetic in place.

The patient mentioned above also had a trench mouth procedure, which left her with no semblance of a proper bite.

If a dentist leaves one filling slightly proud, the patient will be back to have it adjusted. It may have been proud by only a tenth of a mm. But the effect is massive. Some patients will even turn up saying they have developed a backache since the tooth was restored or a crown was fitted. The change might again be miniscule.

Can you imagine when trench mouth dentistry was performed on hundreds of patients, all sense of accuracy went out of the window? These patients were petrified of dentists, and they would not even go back. This is some of the horrifying history of dentistry in this country.

My second major success was with a patient from Manchester who recovered from non-stop migraines. It took some 18 months of treatment before she experienced any sign of recovery some 25 years ago. By the time I got her for treatment, I had already helped about three other patients get relief from their headaches, so I was confident, and she had no choice as she had exhausted herself of all other forms of care. She remains well and regularly visits about once a year.

©2014 -2024 Dr M. Amir. All rights reserved.
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The law specifically states that "Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority".
Any harassment, direct or indirect, by the ruling bodies or their cronies, will be vehemently pursued through this act and the freedom of expression laws.
Any breaches of the Data Protection Act shall also be brought to the attention of the Information Commissioner's Office and The Law Society.

PS: Taking a stand against the existing paradigm of dental and medical care is very costly. My website has highlighted the practices of those who knowingly or unknowingly perpetuate illness. This is not acceptable to the power structure controlling our health. To continue to produce evidentiary articles on my website and this forum - which have enlightened thousands of health practitioners and patients all around the world, to keep my staff employed and my offices viable, we request a little help. If you feel that this article has made an astonishing change in your symptoms, please donate through a window that comes up after a few seconds at
A paradigm shift in the care of Numerous head symptoms.
CONDITIONS OF USE AND IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This article is for educational purposes only. The improvement or benefits identified in this article or on this site are based on individual experiences which are dependent upon the patient’s unique health condition, medical history, and other individualised factors, and should not be considered representative of all treatment outcomes. You must do your due diligence by consulting your physician before embarking on what may be suggested here. This information is meant to supplement, not replace advice from your doctor or healthcare provider, and is not meant to cover all possible uses, precautions, interactions or adverse effects. This information may not fit your specific health circumstances. Never delay or disregard seeking professional medical advice from your doctor or other qualified healthcare provider because of something you have read on this forum. You should always speak with your doctor or health care professional before you start, stop, or change any prescribed part of your health care plan or treatment and to determine what course of therapy is right for you.

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