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Within this forum, you will discover valuable insights on how a 'dysfunctional' jaw, dental arch anomalies, and various body asymmetries can contribute to illness from a unique perspective. This is your go-to resource for finding effective solutions and achieving lasting relief.
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During May of this year (2016) I started experiencing a backache after a long stint of driving and lifting at work. It started off like a sprained muscle. It kept increasing daily and after a few weeks, it had worsened to muscle spasms. The spasms ran from my pelvic crest up to my lower rib cage, and I also had twinges in my lumbar spine. The pain was constant. I was unable to sit or stand for an extended period.
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I am usually very fit and active, and I had to stop going to the gym and couldn't fulfil normal tasks at work or sit at a desk. To make a long story short, I sought help from my GP, chiropractors and physiotherapists. I also undertook acupuncture and sports massages. None of these modalities of care took any pain away.

I kept going back to my GP surgery from the outset, and they kept writing me prescriptions for Codeine, Co-codamol, Naproxen and Tramadol, all of which gave me nasty side effects and absolutely NO RELIEF for my worsening chronic back and hip pain.

I was sent for an X-ray and an MRI scan, both of which showed no indication of why I was in so much pain. There were no abnormalities in my discs, and nothing wrong was found with my pelvis.

I spent thousands of pounds with private clinics and alternative therapists. Nobody knew what to do with me and just branded me as an 'interesting case.' for which they had no answer when their particular treatment did not work.

I could not understand why I was having so much pain. I am a 30-year-old, slim and otherwise healthy person. Furthermore, I was unable to understand why no one could help me. When I asked why my pain was in my pelvic area the response I had from everyone was 'it is referred pain from your spine', there was no suggestion of my alignment being out and no such checks were made.

I finally sought help from Dr. Amir after 4 months of constant pain. He checked me for dental and skeletal misalignments and immediately homed in on the cause. My hips were indeed very asymmetric because of my jaw and neck asymmetry.

He constructed me a special dental appliance to correct my hip asymmetry. After 2 days of wearing this appliance, my pain decreased by 50% for the first time in 4 months.

I am continuing the treatment and will post an update later.

Polly Jane

Comment: While I receive these wonderful testimonials from many patients, I also hear from other patients who, if they have not already had other consultations, are asked to obtain second opinions after visiting me. Here is the most recent input from a very senior orthodontic specialist:

"I'm not sure who you saw in London, but as there is no scientific evidence behind what you have been told. This will mean that you are very likely to undergo a very long, uncomfortable and expensive process that will not work. I would not want that for you and therefore would not want to be involved in any such treatment. There is no evidence that extractions can cause ill effects, and no evidence that orthodontics have any effect on the TMJ. There is also no evidence of any link with ME......"

Today's Daily Mail has an interesting article about a link between teeth and walking based on some science:
"Have wonky teeth? Then you may be more wobbly on your feet: A straight set of pearly whites improves balance"

A & E hospital nurse writes after reading all of the above:

"Amazing!! Still shocks me.
When I think of all those in A&E like this, that we can do nothing with, it’s awful."

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