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 Post subject: Beta blockers - Part 1
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What evil lurks in the hearts of men, the shadow knows - Arminius Aurelius

In an article during 2014 on beta-blockers Dr Mercola says:
"European doctors may have caused as many as 800,000 deaths in five years by following a guideline to use beta-blockers in non-cardiac surgery patients—a guideline based largely on discredited science. Ironically, the discredited researcher, who was fired for scientific misconduct in 2011, was also the chairman of the committee that drafted the European treatment guideline."

The figures now outstrip the ones quoted above as the use of beta-blockers has skyrocketed and are extensively used to "control" high blood pressure and other conditions and "diseases" such as migraines, anxiety and "POTS".

Calling a condition, a "disease" gives clinicians a free hand to prescribe some of these very dangerous concoctions. When patients are brainwashed into believing they have a "disease" they become more vulnerable and less likely to challenge a doctor's advice.

Migraine headaches occur due to physical asymmetries and cannot be classed as a disease, and yet patients are often prescribed a beta-blocker. Similarly, anxiety is often caused by a patient’s inability to breathe deeply due to a TMJ dysfunction which does not require a beta-blocker.

There is no limit to the off-label use of these drugs. Scotland's Daily Record newspaper reports:
"Schoolgirl's death linked to stress pills as she becomes the second teen to die after taking mental health drug.
Campaigners and politicians have called for action over prescriptions for 'beta-blockers' after schoolgirl Lucy Curran's death was linked to the anti-anxiety drug. She is the second teenager in as many years to have died from taking the drug."

Furthermore, The same newspaper reports:
"Controversial stress pills (beta-blockers) linked to teen deaths freely available in vast quantities online
[em]Two Scots schoolgirls who took beta-blocker Propranolol have died and our investigation shows how it can be easily bought from unregulated websites."Shockingly, they even have the gall to start calling the beta-blocker a "stress pill" and [b]"the anti-anxiety drug"!

What worries me is that when a patient returns with symptoms such as a fast heart rate or atrial fibrillation the beta-blocker, is never suspected. Instead, further drugs are prescribed to supposedly lower the fast heart rate!

It does not even occur to the cardiologist that the beta-blocker already being taken by the patient may be or is at the 'heart' of the atrial fibrillation. Atrial fibrillation is dangerous, and the patient very often does not live to tell the tale!

To the best of my knowledge the true cause of the patients' tachycardia or the atrial fibrillation is unknown. Numerous blood tests, ECG's, scans, radiographs, echo-cardiograms invariably show no cause and the drug dosage is often increased.

Patients are also additionally prescribed other drugs such as:
• Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors;
• Angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs);
• Calcium channel blockers;
• Renin inhibitors.

Quite amazingly these drugs often cause further serious unpredictable complications causing further spikes in heart rate, blood pressure, and atrial fibrillation. Repeated episodes often result in a serious possibility of sudden death.

An article in the 'Daily Mail'- about the ace inhibitor Ramipril says:
"Blood pressure pills taken by MILLIONS worldwide (27 million in the UK) 'raise theIr risk of lung cancer', scientists warn:

• Patients taking ACE inhibitors were 14% more likely to develop cancer.
• The risk increases the longer the patients were on the medication.
• Scientists believe the drugs cause the accumulation of chemicals on the lung."

Thelisted adverse effects of Angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs) are:
• Headache
• Fainting
• Dizziness
• Fatigue
• Respiratory symptoms
• Vomiting and dioarrhea
• Back pain
• Leg swelling
• High potassium levels
In rare cases, some people taking an ARB may also suffer:
• Allergic reactions
• Liver failure
• Kidney failure
• Angioedema, or tissue swelling
• Lower white blood cell (WBC) counts
• Irregular heartbeat caused by high blood potassium levels.

Many of these adverse effects attributable to ARB's also reduce many patients to crippling fatigue and some effects are potentially lethal.

The irony is that such deaths are never attributed to the use of the drug but to heart failure or pulmonary embolism. I have brought this to the attention of many cardiologists in 4 different countries that beta-blockers cause the deaths of perhaps a million or more people each year. The universal parroted answer has been: "But they also save many more millions"!

The rules must be changed:
• Local health authorities and hospitals are under an obligation to investigate these practices and take remedial action. An audit must be carried out for illness outcomes and the prescribing habits of each prescriber.

• All autopsies must include the name of the drug the patient was taking at the time of death - not just "heart failure", "pulmonary embolism" or "coronary thrombosis".

A posting on a forum I came across showing the cardiac care of a patient taking seven different drugs:
"The cocktail of drugs prescribed for me were Nicorandil - relieves chest pain opening the arteries, also reduces blood pressure. Ramipril - lowers blood pressure, Isosorbide mononitrate - a form of GTN - opens arteries and lowers blood pressure, Bisoprolol [β-blockers], Sotalol [β-blockers]and Dronedarone - all designed to slow the heart rate and blood pressure, there was also another heart med. I can't remember that acted the same way.
After three days on these meds, I went to use the bathroom, on the way back I felt very dizzy and sick and almost passed out next to my bed.
The cardiac nurse just came on duty, took my OBS and I had a BP of 65/45 and a Heart Rate of 22bpm...............I almost died" [but was rescued by a quick-thinking doctor].

To best illustrate the calamitous workings of Cardiology I have gathered together some conversations with cardiologists. Some have been contributed by patients who were the victims of beta-blocker use:

This first conversation is with a cardiologist in St. Petersburg, Florida.
Patient:Dr, Can beta-blockers raise the heart rate as well as lower it?
Cardiologist: I have never heard that before , where did you get that from?
Patient: My previous cardiologist told me that beta-blockers are anti-arrhythmic but they can also be arrhythmic.
Cardiologist: Oh yes, I have heard that before!

Comment: When the patient tackles the cardiologist with some medical language the cardiologist owns up to this unpredictable effect of beta-blockers.

This second conversation is with a cardiologist locally.
Patient:Doctor, do beta-blockers lower the heart rate?
Cardiologist: Yes they do.
Patient: But doctor my heart is racing at 150 beats a minute since I started taking this drug. That is why I have been brought here by ambulance today.
Cardiologist: Well, while intending to lower the heart rate the beta-blockers can raise the heart rate also.
Patient: How do they lower the blood pressure?
Cardiologist: By opening up your blood vessels in the legs the β-blockers pool the blood there so the blood pressure drops.
Patient:But doctor, I cannot walk, my legs are freezing, nothing warms them up at night, there appears to be no blood flow in them, they turn blue sometimes.
Cardiologist: Unfortunately, while these drugs are meant to expand your blood vessels these drugs can constrict them also.
Patient: Are you trying to tell me that the beta-blockers can actually make the heart rate and blood pressure worse?
Cardiologist: Yes they can.

Comment: With this the cardiologist walks away leaving the patient on this hit and miss poison and in an even bigger limbo. He displays no shame about what he just said.

It is alarming to note that a patient can have a normal heart rate of say 64 beats a minute. If the patient is then prescribed a beta-blocker and if the patient inadvertently misses a dose, the heart rate can shoot up to more than a 150 beats a minute and even go into fibrillation. Somehow the heart loses its ability to maintain the original 64 beats a minute status. The patient thus becomes dependent on the beta-blocker and its dire consequence of regular hospitalisations due to the complications it causes. In the USA such events regularly bankrupt families.

It is surprising that cardiologists are not aware of this phenomenon. It sounds as if, by design, the patients are hooked onto the beta-blocker to generate business, just like an illegal drug pedlar getting clients hooked on cocaine. What perpetuates this inequity? I think I have the answers so please read on.

Joseph Stalin purportedly said that "A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths are just a statistic. More than a million deaths from beta-blocker use probably occur in the world on an annual basis.

Such statistics, such terrorism, does not feature in our collaborative news media.

They are very enthusiastic about printing supporting articles such as this one headed:
"Blood pressure drugs 'should be given to everyone over 55 to reduce heart attacks and strokes'
The study says:
"Professor Malcolm Law's research found the medication cut the risk of heart attacks and strokes regardless of a person's blood pressure.
Drugs such as beta blockers and ACE inhibitors reduce the chance of heart attacks by around a quarter and stroke by around a third, the British Medical Journal reports. [I am stunned and cannot understand where this evidence came from!] The finding, based on almost 150 studies into the drugs, will renew debate over the value of the polypill - a single pill containing blood pressure medication, aspirin, and a cholesterol-lowering statin."
Please read more on this link.

I shall be interested to know who funded this study and all the other quoted studies and how all these studies managed to overlook the 200,000+ annual deaths from beta-blocker use in Europe each year. It is unimaginable how many people will be sucked into this calamitous polypharmacy by such an article in a national newspaper. It will probably skyrocket deaths - not save lives.

Furthermore, according to the latest development reported by the "Independent Institute" in an article headed "New Blood-Pressure Guidelines Raise Concerns about Interest-Group Lobbying reports:

"On November 13, 2017, millions of more Americans had high blood pressure for the first time.
That day the American College of Cardiology (ACC), working with the American Heart Association (AHA), released new guidelinesregarding what constitutes high blood pressure. Since 2003, a reading below 140/90 was considered normal. Now, any blood pressure over 120/90 is considered hypertension."

This means an estimated 30 million more Americans, or in other words, 50% of the present population and millions more around the world will qualify for the designation of having high blood pressure, in need of these dangerous blood pressure medications.

In a similar way these headlines were in the British national newspaper 'The daily Express':
"‘Phenomenal’ new treatment could help to save thousands at risk of heart disease'
A NEW daily treatment could slash the risk of heart disease patients dying from fatal attacks."

The drug they are talking about is the blood thinner Rivaroxaban. This drug is already responsible for the death of thousands of patients in the USA! Billions of dollars of lawsuits have been filed. A patient on any one of this family of drugs who begins haemorhaging from a gastric ulcer or after a minor injury can easily bleed to death in a matter of hours. Patients with a history of kidney or gastric problems are among those with the greatest risk of dying on these anticoagulants. It is interesting to note that the cardiologists when prescribing this family of drugs obtain a signature from the patient that they have been warned about the dangers of taking these drugs. This has never been done before with any other type of blood thinner.

©2017 -2022 Dr. M. Amir. All rights reserved.

PS: Taking a stand against the existing paradigm of dental and medical care has turned out to be very costly. My website has highlighted practices of those who knowingly or unknowingly perpetuate illness. This is obviously not acceptable to the power structure in control of our health. To continue to produce evidentiary articles on my website and this forum - which have enlightened thousands of dentists and patients all around the world, to keep my staff employed and my offices viable, we request a little help.
You may donate through a window that comes up at Mr M. Amir. (Please note I am in the process of revising that website.)

Please remember there are at least 48 illnesses where millions of patients can be helped through dental interventions.

The improvement or benefits identified in the testimonials and articles on this site are based on individual experiences which are dependent upon the patient’s unique health condition, jaw condition, occlusal position, medical history, and other individualised factors, and should not be considered representative of all treatment outcomes.

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