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Within this forum, you will discover valuable insights on how a 'dysfunctional' jaw, dental arch anomalies, and various body asymmetries can contribute to illness from a unique perspective. This is your go-to resource for finding effective solutions and achieving lasting relief.
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This article lays out some patient complaints and pleas addressed to the GDC complaining about their failure to govern in the best interest of the public and especially to the plight of those most vulnerable. The discussion raises serious concerns about the insensitivity and perceived agenda-driven decisions made by those in power. Such decisions have caused severe harm to some individuals and have prevented thousands of others from receiving the relief they need.

One of the primary problems highlighted in this article is the detachment and lack of responsiveness by those in power towards those affected by their governance and decision-making powers. It is essential to ensure that governance is legitimate and responsive to the needs of vulnerable groups. The present stance of the GDC, is difficult for the recovering to swallow, and it may imply a refusal to acknowledge flaws or a denial of the need for change, reform, or intervention.

The overall critique of authority encapsulated in this article with many patient reviews underscores the potential issues of insensitivity and unaccountability. This highlights the complex challenges involved in ensuring that those in power genuinely serve the public good by being more responsive, accountable, and benevolent; A governing body, which considers the needs, feedback, particularly from the most vulnerable. Authority figures must be held accountable and required to act in the best interests of the public. Ultimately, the key to successful governance lies in fostering a genuine partnership between those in power and those who could be helped by the most efficient and highly effective non-drug treatments. Why is this not so? Is the public good being sacrificed for the interest of big pharma? Please explain where you stand.

Some Trustpilot reviews about the GDC

Racist bullies beyond the law - how can they get away with what they have done to Dr Amir???

This is a despicable organisation. Their arrogance is only surpassed by their blatant racism. They conducted a shocking 5-year bully campaign against a wonderful, kind, wise, and innovative dental surgeon that I credit with saving my life as I know it - Dr Amir. I hope the GDC will one day be humbled. They have really destroyed my trust in all regulatory bodies. How can they get away with this?????
Date of experience: 20 March 2021

Angry for Dr Amir's suspension!!
Please review Dr Amir's suspension!!!
He is the only dental professional I have met that knows about my condition (visual snow) and that can help me overcome it. He is an expert and thoughtful professional that should be applauded for saving so many people's lives. Think about all the people that could continue benefit from this, think if it was your daughter or son and your GP or dentist could not find any remedy. Please open your mind and admit Dr Amir's exceptional work and knowledge!
Date of experience: 22 March 2021

Regarding Dr. Amir’s suspension

I used to suffer from balance issue, dizziness, terrible fatigue, and I was unable to turn my neck. I completely recovered from all these symptoms with Dr Amir’s treatment, and yet I’m shocked to find that the GDC hearing panel found Dr Amir guilty about these very symptoms. I have read many patient testimonies from other patients about their recovery from similar symptoms. Furthermore, I do not know how the GDC is blind to this evidence. Shame on the GDC.
Date of experience: 24 June 2021

Dr Amir suspension

I am aghast to hear that the GDC has suspended Dr M Amir, one of the best dentist in the world. In the last decades it has become so evident that there is a link between the jaw and many other health conditions by many dentists, and the GDC cannot continue to deny Dr Amir’s work.
Dr. Amir’s treatments have the potential to open up new lines of research in both academic and clinical settings.
I think it is just a matter of time Dr Amir’s suspension will be lifted.
Date of experience: 07 April 2021

It is an absolute outrage that the GDC…
It is an absolute outrage that the GDC has suspended Dr Amir from practicing
his dentistry. It so something of a misnomer that in the wider health forum holistic practices are celebrated and deemed essential yet for the GDC that belief is non existent! Many of DR Amirs patients found out about his holistic approach to jaw/skeletal/teeth/breathing/health issues through word of mouth! Because his results spoke volumes to them. We saw how his results had positively impacted others. The holistic approach makes complete sense and has benefited me enormously. Why are western practices so against holistic and person centred approaches. Dr Amir has years of experience that he draws on. He has made positive impacts on people’s lives. He should be reinstated ASAP.
Date of experience: 07 April 2021

Dr Amir's suspension

I am very disappointed to learn that Dr Amir has been suspended. I am in the middle of treatment that needs to be carefully managed. He is the only dentist I could find offering a long-term and holistic health approach to treating my painful TMJ. I was in such pain and facing the prospect of countless cycles of botox or a splint had I not found Dr Amir. Even after only a few months of treatment, I’m already experiencing a big improvement and am concerned about the abrupt halt to my treatment due to Dr Amir’s suspension.
Date of experience: 21 March 2021

And it continues on and on with many more postings all over the internet.
Authority is either too thick-skinned or serving a different agenda of 'No ill which does not need a Pill'.

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