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During my holiday stay in the United States, I contracted the Coronavirus Omicron variant for the second time. Fortunately, the symptoms were mild, confined only to my nose, and confirmed through a lateral flow test. My immunity must have played a significant role in my quick recovery. However, luck did not seem to favour me when I developed tachycardia six days later. My son rushed me to the hospital, where I was met by several doctors and cardiologists. (The reason for their attendance becomes more obvious as you read on.) After receiving an intravenous drug, my heart soon settled down.

But the events that followed left me furious and feeling violated. The next day, a doctor attempted to prescribe me Remdesivir for "latent Covid virus", despite my current situation being entirely unrelated to Covid. I objected and reminded the doctor that the drug was known to have caused multi-organ failures in New York hospitals. The doctor walked off without discussing this drug any further or denying my accusations. He soon returned to say that I should have a CT Scan of my lungs. This costs thousands of dollars. I did not see the need for this extra radiation as they had already taken a radiograph of my lungs which hardly showed any issue, so I refused this extra charge upon my insurance company.

Remdesivir is a drug which was rejected in a trial in the Congo for Ebola virus as it killed 53% of the patients by causing rapid kidney failure. This drug was then introduced to the USA by Dr Fauci, who knew full well that it was a dangerous medication. The deaths, however, were attributed to the "virus" which panicked the public into getting the highly suspect mRNA vaccinations. The public had no knowledge that the New York hospitals were initially using a drug called Vancomycin and then Remdesivir, both lethal to the kidneys leading to water logged lungs and then multi organ failure. The virus played a minimal part in the "Covid" deaths.

This drug would have created a bill of millions of pounds for my insurance company if I developed any complications. Many families went bankrupt in the USA and lost their houses after "Covid". The drug would have resulted in my demise. If anyone is reading this article in the USA and especially if you lost a relation through the unwarranted, deliberate, and fraudulent use of this drug, please do not hesitate to sue for compensation.

I also, started to suspect that they were after my £15 million holiday medical expenses insurance. The thought of being deliberately and surreptitiously administered a potentially deadly drug for profit sent chills down my spine.

Meanwhile, there was a constant flurry of doctors, each repeating the questions I had already been asked. They also kept telling me that they could not do anything for me as the person in charge was a different cardiologist who will see me again in three days to see if I was fit to leave the hospital. I did not realise at the time, that all these different doctors cum cardiologists were just pilling up charges worth thousands of dollars for my insurance company and were totally unconcerned about my welfare.

I was using a blood thinner called Warfarin (Coumadin in the USA). This drug is easy to reverse if one gets a haemorrhage with an injection of vitamin K, and it is extremely cheap. Modern blood thinners are almost impossible to reverse and cost a fortune. At the hospital they said I could not take this drug, and they put me on IV heparin. This was not called for but obviously lucrative for them.

Towards the end, they returned me to Warfarin AND Heparin for 24 hours (according to them, "the Warfarin had to take over before Heparin could be withdrawn") I was now on two very potent blood thinners. But then, I was surprised when a nurse came to administer aspirin and Clopidogrel the following morning, both potent blood thinners. My blood coagulation ability was going to be attacked from all angles to perhaps precipitate a stroke which, I presume, would give the hospital the ultimate bonanza of cashing in the whole of the £15 million from my insurance company and leave me dead or paralysed. If I had blindly accepted, I would then have been on 4 blood thinners, a recipe for absolute disaster in the form of a stroke. By the way, Clopidogrel is an antiplatelet medicine. It prevents platelets aggregating to prevent blood clots. It is very difficult to reverse its anticoagulation activity in a timely manner.

Thankfully, I insisted on being discharged and left the hospital that evening. A year later, I still shudder at the thought of how close I came to losing my life, all for the sake of some medical practitioners' greed and unethical behaviour. I now understand why the United States has the highest death rate from doctor-prescribed medication. The idea of primum non nocere (first, do no harm) seems to have been entirely lost in some medical circles, and this thought fills me with dread, trepidation and disdain.

I hope that anyone contemplating a trip to the United States shares this article with their friends to remain cautious about medical treatment they receive. While not all experiences are negative, some may be, and it's always better to be safe than sorry.

The articles published in this forum are for informational purposes and are not a substitute for individualized
medical advice. Please consult a trusted professional for personal medical advice, diagnoses, and treatment.

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