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There is a famous equation where "Dr" Bill Gates lays out his concept of the need of "Net Zero carbon dioxide to avoid Global warming."
This is what his equation looks like:
GatesEquation.jpg [ 32.15 KiB | Viewed 237 times ]

The mathematicians amongst you will realise that this is the most idiotic equation ever presented to a scholarly audience at TEDS's talks.

He goes on to suggest to a laughing mesmerised audience that the best solution would be to vaccinate the population and if he does it "smartly he could reduce the world population by 15%". I thought the vaccines were there to save people.

The way the Carbon dioxide was being blamed for all of humanity’s' wows I decided to carry out a little survey to try and find out the impact such nonsense was having upon society. The consequence of the propaganda being spewed out to the public by politicians, media and other very suspect entities was bound to tarnish people’s perception of the quantity of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

I was not surprised by the outcome of my rather unscientific casual survey. The candidates ranged from some who had hardly had any education to the very educated including a PhD scholar.

Shockingly the answers received purported that the content of this gas in our atmosphere ranged from 20% for some, and as high as 60% for others.

The correct answer is 0.04 % Carbon dioxide is present in our atmosphere. This is equivalent to four hundredths of 1% !

On learning the truth, this was a shocking revelation to the people I spoke to. The media and political class harking endlessly about the need to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide has led to a total misrepresentation of the amount of carbon dioxide present. This has resulted in the recruitment of thousands of volunteer young people who glue themselves to trees and roads proclaiming that the only action that would save humanity is to bring carbon dioxide down to "net zero".

This gas is heavier than the other gases and hugs the ground to enable plant life to survive. It barely rises. It cannot cause global warming. It has only been possible to check the quantities in the upper atmosphere recently using satellites. Any past comparisons from samples of Antarctic ice are meaningless as this only showed carbon dioxide concentrations close to the ground.

Reducing it by only half (0.02 percent) would wipe out all life on this planet. Perhaps this is the real goal and the public is being brainwashed into believing that depopulation, as per Bill Gates and his cronies, is an honourable pursuit.

The 'P' in the equation stands for the number of people. The truth is that there is so much room on earth that if the entire population of 7.8 billion people in the world were housed in Alaska with an acre of land, they would all fit there comfortably.

If a fraction of people’s lawns in their country were devoted to growing food, there would be no food shortages. The soviet style large farming methods have deprived the people from learning to grow their own foods.

Presently, they are shutting the factory farms and food storage facilities blaming Ukrainian war, energy shortages and global warming. These purposeful manoeuvres are causing inflation, hunger and starvation and I am sorry to say is going on with the connivance of our governments .

In the UK we only imported 6% of the gas from Russia. The price increases forced people to cut down their total energy use by perhaps 20% and yet they have increased the price of gas and electricity some tenfold.

The price of gas has dropped significantly but no relief for the consumers apart from token gestures from the government. The energy companies’ profits have increased tenfold and yet they have not been taxed for these corrupt windfall profits.

About 275,000 tons of methane escaped from the two Nord stream pipelines that were blown up in the Baltic Sea in late September of 2022, under suspicious circumstances. This did not worry the Global warming fraternity deathmongers.

Putting sanctions on Russian, Venezuelan and Iranian oils was not only to punish them but to bring about economic terror to the rest of the Europeans and indeed the world.

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