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This forum provides information relating to the role that a 'dysfunctional' jaw, dental arch anomalies and other consequential body asymmetries play in causing illness from a completely different perspective. It is meant to be your ONE stop to find out how to go about getting proper relief.
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Due to a complex medical history have been officially diagnosed with the following over a 20 year period (Aged 20-39) - writer’s cramp (possible dystonia ), loss of cervical lordosis (neck curvature), BPPV (Benign positional vertigo), Peripheral vestibular damage ( causing bouncing vision “oscillopsia/nystagmus), Ulcerative Colitis, Occipital Neuralgia.

In chronological order:

• Aged 19 – punched in side of face and nose and suffered a concussion
• Aged 20 - first signs of neck pain, lower back pain and a writer’s cramp in my right arm. Ultimately sought help from an osteopath and had steroid injections into my elbow with a suspected tennis elbow. The writing issue resulted in having to sit exams on a computer and have never resolved. Neck and back pain also remain unresolved to this day.
• Aged 21 – fell onto my head and suffered another concussion – neck pain and tightness in left occipital area ensued. Brain and cervical MRI showed nothing untoward.
• Aged 21-30 – Continued neck pain in the left occipital area accompanied by bouts of dizziness. Further MRIs showed nothing other than complete loss of cervical lordosis (neck curvature). ]
Basically put up with symptoms.
• Aged 30 – drove car into a car park wall skidding on black ice. Next day severe vertigo and could not get out of bed. Headache and cranial tension. Consulted with a neurologist and scans again were clear.
• Aged 31 – diagnosed with BPPV (benign positional vertigo) and peripheral vestibular damage that was causing oscillopsia/nystagmus (bouncing vision when turned head). BPPV was cured overnight with the Epley manoeuvre (first time any treatment had helped with a symptom !). Cranial tension and visual tracking problems continued.
• Aged 32 – 36. Received vestibular rehab to try and improve balance and bouncing vision which helped to a degree. Cranial tightness/headaches unresolved and could not deal with any jolt to the head as would bring on even more intense pain/symptoms. Unable to do any exercise other than walking the dog.
• Aged 36 – Suffered slipped disc in lower left lumbar region from simply bending over. Pain has continued as well as moving into left hip area.
• Aged 36 – First bowel symptoms arose and ultimately diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis. Prescribed steroids and Asacol (lifetime meds) to try and get into remission.
• Aged 36-39 – Diagnosed with Occipital Neuralgia: started getting bouts of tinnitus, ear infections and a fullness in right ear. Constant tightness back of head and neck which gets worse with any jolts/impact. Received pulsed radio frequency into occipital nerve along with Botox. No alleviation of symptoms. Ulcerative colitis in and out of remission and bouts of fatigue would set in.

Current day (Aged 39): in an effort to get to the bottom of ever increasing deterioration of health and myriad of symptoms stumbled across Atlas and cranial symmetry in a Google search which then brought me to a consultation with Mr Amir at the cranio-dental and skeletal symmetry centre in Putney. Diagnosis was a bite slightly off to the side, jaw set too far back along with Atlas out of line which has also impacted my breathing; undoubtedly caused by the series of cervical/cranial traumas sustained throughout my life to date.

It was explained how a series of orthotic dental appliances should restore spinal symmetry and with that resolution of the myriad of symptoms over time. In fact the ulcerative colitis (another so called auto-immune disease) is likely the result of this declining pattern in health and could be reversed over time.

Upon the first fitting (a week later) of a dental appliance there were instant changes.
My neck felt freer, head stronger supported and visual tracking improved. I was quite shocked as to how different my head felt almost instantly. Over the course of the next few weeks with the daily tightening of the brace there were a whole host of changes. Firstly bleeding from the ulcerative colitis has resolved and am now back in remission (first time for 3 months). Obviously this needs to be continually monitored to see the long term benefits as remission can come and go. Nevertheless it was a fast improvement without the use of any meds.

My head has felt stronger upon impacts and jolts although still suffering with a band of squeezing tension which sort of covers the area from in front of the ears/temples as a band around the top and back of head. There has also been bouts of dizziness/head swimming sensation which had put down to sort of recalibration. However the brace has been altered to try and mitigate this. My lower back and hip pain feels so much better and can bend down without being conscious of it for the first time in years.

So in summary the UC is back in remission, back pain markedly better but there have been some ups and downs with neck/cranial/visual symptoms; although I feel confident I am finally in the right area at long last after only 4 weeks into the program
. Will continue to post here on developments over time. In the meantime it would be interesting to hear of any others that have developed UC after similar cervical/head traumas and how symptoms have progressed over time.


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PostPosted: Fri, 19 Apr 2013, 10:43 pm 
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Dear Adam,
It is remarkable that you have made such progress in such a short time. I hope you continue to improve.

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