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6 Ways to design a face
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Author: [ Fri, 11 Mar 2022, 5:50 pm ]
Post subject:  6 Ways to design a face

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In this innovative and paradigm-busting book, the author asserts that almost all bad bites have their origin in a small mandible, what he calls anterior mandibular hypoplasia, or AMHypo, and further claims that surgical management is the only means to correct it.

The author claims that AMHypo arises because of a small anterior tongue and it leads to develop (poor chin-neck contour), dental crowding, impacted third molars, a range of dental malocclusions, and retroglossal tongue displacement into the upper airway.

Traditional orthodontics often camouflage the small jaw by extracting “extra” teeth that don’t fit and controlling growth with various appliances, effectively leaving the patient in the same medical predicament they were before having their teeth straightened and their occlusion fixed.

After all, for every patient with a bad bite, there are three combined, interwoven, inseparable treatment considerations: occlusion, airway, face. In this book, the author outlines the anthropologic underpinnings of the small jaw and then outlines his six surgical methods of designing the face to optimize bite, airway, and facial balance: IMDO, GenioPaully, custom BIMAX, SuperBIMAX, custom PEEK implants, and SARME.

Available from Quintessence-Publishing

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